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Season One

1.14 "Blind Date"
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  • Episode Number: 14
  • Production Code: 1ADA13
  • Original Air Date: February 09, 2000
  • Written by: Thania St. John
  • Directed by: Keith Samples
  • Guest Cast:
    • James O'Shea (Doug)
    • Michael Yurchak (DJ)
    • Jonathan David Bouck (Markos)
    • Derrex Brady (Chris)
    • Ben Busch (Nicky)
    • Patricia Skeriotis (Female Judge)
    • Joshua Hutchinson (Male Judge)
    • Matt Walden (Himself)
    • Krysta Burgos (Girl #1)
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Short summary

Original episode description from The WB

Wanting to help her get over her feelings for Max, Maria enters Liz in a blind date radio contest. Liz wins the contest, and wanting a normal life agrees to go on the date.

Unable to forget his feelings for Liz, Max is peer pressured into drinking by Kyle. Max, who has never taken a drink before, becomes drunk with one sip. Max and Kyle bond, as they discuss how each of them can't seem to get over their feelings for Liz.

Max and Kyle follow Liz on her date. Still drunk, Max publicly professes the way he feels for Liz. Max then kisses Liz, which instantly sobers him up. Liz asks Max if he meant everything he told her, and Max reveals he can't remember what he said.

Meanwhile, Alex's band wins a part in the radio contest. When their lead singer becomes ill, Maria persuades Alex to let her sing lead. Maria soon realizes she must overcome a sudden case of stage fright in order to perform.

Tried of waiting for Max, Michael tells Isabel he's going to search for Nasedo on his own. Worried that Michael might get in trouble, Isabel agrees to join him. Together, they discover they can send a signal to contact Nasedo. Just after they realize their signal was unsuccessful, a shadowy figure appears before the signal holding a photo of Max, Michael and Isabel. Nasedo is in Roswell.

Detailed summary

Episode description written by Jade.

Liz and Maria are at the Crashdown, watching Alex strum his guitar as he tells them how he's going to wow the judges at the Blind Date Concert that is happening that Friday night. Their attention turns to the radio as the announcer prepares to unveil the winner of the blind date contest. Maria is interested, but Liz seems turned off by the entire contest, not understanding how someone would willingly enter themselves into a blind date contest to go out with a total stranger. Suddenly the door to the Crashdown opens and the radio announcer with crew and some audience walk in to congratulates Liz - she has just been picked as the winner. Even as she tries to figure out how she could have won a contest that she has not entered, Maria tells her that she entered Liz on her behalf.

The next day at school, Liz and Maria walks in as Liz continues to scold Maria for entering her into a contest without her permission. Maria retorts that she was doing Liz a favor, to have her date someone who was "normal" for once. They walk up to Alex who is posting flyers in search of a last-minute singer for his band. Maria volunteers herself, assuming that Alex was trying to get her to be the singer. When Alex in surprise tries to explain that he doesn't want Maria and is looking for someone with previous professional experience, Maria expresses a moment of hurt. Seeing that it means something to Maria for Alex to let her be the singer, he smiles and tells her to meet him in his garage after school. Maria quickly rebounds with a smile and tells Alex to be ready.

Across the way, Max is watching Liz as he eats his chips, heavily laced with Tabasco sauce. Kyle walks up behind Max and express his 'sympathy' for Max, as he is also a victim. Kyle then tells Max his theory that Liz is a man eater who finds someone, falls in love, and then looks to find someone else to fall in love with again. Max feigns apathy and tells Kyle that nothing ever happened between him and Liz to which Kyle smirked before walking off. After Kyle leaves, Max continues to watch Liz surrounded by a group of girls who've come up to her to express their congratulations.

After school, Alex' band is in the garage finishing up a tune with Maria walks in. She tells them they aren't bad after pointing out a few technical errors. When the band members demanded to know who she was, Alex tells them that she's the new lead singer. At which point, Maria starts passing out music sheets of popular songs. This upsets everyone in the band who thinks of themselves as a more alternative band. When Maria tells them that the radio station isn't going to pick them b/c they don't sound like the songs you hear, one of the members challenges Maria's knowledge about music. Maria confidently tells them to play an "e" note so she can prove herself.

Later, Liz and Maria are working at the Crashdown while Max, Michael and Isabel are eating at a booth. The radio station is there as well, setting up. At the booth, Michael tells Max and Isabel that he believes he has found a way to make contact with this fourth alien but Max is quicker than usual to point out the possibility for failure and disappointment. He tells Michael that they don't know if they can trust this fourth alien even if they are able to find him b/c there is a strong possibility that this fourth alien is a murderer. Michael believes that it isn't. Looking across the room where Maria and Liz are talking, Max in frustration tells Michael to stop pursuing things that aren't going to work out. Looking at where Max's line of sight was, Michael pointedly tells Max not to let his own personal problems get in the way of this bigger picture before leaving. When he leaves, Isabel chides Max for being to hard on him, but Max tells Isabel that he just doesn't want Michael to be disappointed. Isabel points out that if Max gets too pessimistic, he's really dashing Michael's only hope - alluding to Michael's less-than-perfect home life. Max still thinks he's right, but doesn't pursue it further. Isabel sighs and leaves.

Meanwhile, the radio announcer has finished setting up and asks Liz to sit down to ask her some questions about her preferences. Max is alone at the booth, sipping his drink as he listens to the questions and answers. Basically, Liz tells the radio announcer that she prefers a brunette from an exotic location who's a challenge. Throughout, Max listens and doesn't look happy at the prospect of Liz going on her "dream date."

In an audition room, Alex and his band are playing - sans Maria one of their baleful tunes. When the judges ask Alex what that song was, Alex identifies as a lost love song. Thinking it was almost exactly the same as a song the band had played earlier and not particularly enthused about it, the judges then ask if the group, named, the Wits, didn't have a lead singer. Alex explains that Maria is running late. Just as the judges are about to dismiss the group, Maria rushes in, dressed in stylish platforms and beaded top. One of the judges commented that she looks cute so they consented to hearing one last song from the band, this time, playing from one of the music sheets that Maria had brought to them yesterday.

Liz is waiting for Maria to return while she looks apprehensively outside from the kitchen door's open window. When Maria walks in with a shopping bag, Liz threatens to kill her for entering Liz into this contest, which has invaded every aspect of her life. Maria looks outside at all the men out there and commented that she needed to get their numbers before asking Liz whether Liz had thought about Max all day, to which Liz admitted that she had been too busy to. Maria triumphantly tells Liz that it's b/c the whole 'dream date' contest was doing its job. She then asks Liz about her opinion on the costumes she had purchased for members of the band, Wit, confessing to Liz that she thinks they don't have much style. At that juncture, Alex walks down the adjacent staircase to retort that they did have a style. He has fixed the answering machine for Liz and tells her that it simply needed to be reset every 100 messages. Alex and Maria starts to argue about the direction of the band. Alex wants the band to maintain it's current style and music while Maria is trying to get them to think more mainstream so they have a better chance of succeeding - reminding Alex that if not for her, they wouldn't have won the audition to play lead-in to the major band that is going to be at tonight's Blind Date Concert. Liz stops them from fighting, asks them to compromise and ends the argument.

At the Evans, Isabel is in her room, reading a magazine when she hears a rap on the window. Upon opening it, she sees it's Michael who asks her to come with him b/c he knows how to make contact with the alien. At first hesitant, Isabel finally agrees when she sees how important it is to him, so she gives up her tickets to the concert (which she got from Alex) and climbs out of the window after Michael.

Meanwhile, Liz is getting ready for her dream date in a black slip dress and done-up hair. As she looks in the mirror, she fantasizes that Max is outside her balcony waiting for her. When she walks outside he tells her he couldn't possibly let her go off with another guy before kissing her. Snapping out of this fantasy, Liz shakes it all off and when Maria comes for her, she walks out to the Crashdown downstairs to meet this dream date. The announcer is detailing every moment live to the audience and when she sees the guy, a nice-looking, not too exciting brunette guy who's a college student majoring in archaeology, the announcer prompts Liz to run her hand through his thick brown hair. Liz does so awkwardly.

Throughout, Max is lying on his bed in his room listening to it all with a sour and pained expression on his face. Unable to bear it, he turns it off. Just then, he hears Kyle calling him from outside. Shrugging into his jacket, Max goes to his front yard and finds that Kyle and his buddies are in his corvette, all drunk. Kyle tries to cajole Max into going to the concert to see this guy with Liz but Max doesn't want to. When Kyle persists and asks Max if he isn't a bit curious as to whether or not he wanted to see this guy, Max doesn't say anything. Finally, Kyle tells Max that since he's drunk, he can't drive and unless Max will drive, Kyle and his friends will all camp outside the Evan's front yard for the night. Max takes the keys from Kyle and agrees to drive.

Michael and Isabel are in front of the library, much to Isabel's surprise who notes that she've never seen Michael near a library before. Ignoring her comment, Michael proceeds to explain to Isabel that what they saw in the cave was a map, but a special map in the sense that the symbols on it only makes sense when Aries, the constellation is directly above Roswell. When the positions are right, the library becomes a key point on the map where they will need to establish a means to communicate with this fourth alien.

Liz and her dream date are eating at the restaurant and their entire conversation is being repeated by the announcer in sound bytes. A bit embarrassed and uncomfortable, Liz confesses to the guy that she really wanted just a regular date. The guy agrees with her. Outside, Max is watching Liz and the guy converse while Kyle also watches, somewhat in sadistic glee as he notes the way the two leans towards each other. From outside, they see that Liz and the guy are finished with the meal and ready to leave. However, the announcer doesn't let them go that easy, forcing the dream date to kiss Liz, which he did as Max watches painfully. When the two stop, Liz and the guy dash off, as they had secretly planned earlier while Max and Kyle watches from the outside. Going to the alley, Max sees Liz running off with the man. Kyle comes up to Max and offers words of comfort before offering a bottle of alcohol. At first, Max refused to partake but after, he takes a sip and immediately becomes drunk.

Meanwhile, Maria is getting ready in the dressing room with the band. The judges walk in, among them, a talent scout who've come ostensibly to see Maria. They are all preparing. Back in the ally, Kyle is looking for Max after Max dashed off. When Kyle finally sees Max, he's sitting atop the awning of a building. Kyle asks Max how he got there and Max replied he used a ladder. When Kyle said that he doesn't see a ladder, Max cryptically remarked that there isn't one now. Confused, Kyle tells Max to get down before he hurts himself. Max obliges and slides down a pipe by the building. He thanks Kyle for the alcohol, which allows him to freely express himself. He confesses that he thinks Kyle's a funny person even though he can be a real jacka$$ and that he loves Liz. In a moment of boldness, Max declares that he will win Liz back, that he and Kyle will both win Liz back before striding off. Left behind for a moment, Kyle wonders how they'll be able to split her up (every other day of the week, and alternating on Saturdays, perhaps) before following.

Liz and her blind date decided to head back to the Crashdown since they figure it's the last place anyone would think to look for them and take a seat.

Upstairs in her balcony, we see that Max and Kyle are there. Max used his power to draw a heart with his and Liz's initials inside while Kyle is looking out over the balcony. Kyle asks Max how far he has gone with Liz to which Max confides that he and Liz have seen each other's soul. Kyle nods, not with understanding, before telling Max that he and Liz have gone to second base. Patting Kyle on his shoulder, Max tells Kyle that he can't win them all before proceeding to leave. However, Kyle have other plans in store and pulls Max into Liz's room to check things out.

Downstairs, conversation seem stilted between Liz and her blind date until Liz noticed that the van has found them. She grabs the guy and they rush to her room to hide when she finds, to her horror that Kyle and Max are there. Kyle was just checking out her underwear drawer while Max, who had been changing pictures of her friends to pictures of himself stands near her dresser. Completely caught off guard, she asks them what they are doing there. Max tells her that he and Kyle are completely drunk. Liz immediately walks up to Kyle and demanded to know what he has done to Max. Then, she tries to cover up for any indiscretion that may have happened while Max was drunk by telling Kyle that when Max is drunk, he say things that aren't true. Listening to her over her shoulder, Max tells Liz that this is the first time he's ever been drunk. Seeing that she needs to speak with him alone, Liz drags him out to the balcony while Kyle uses his strength to keep the blind date from interrupting.

Outside, Max points to the heart he did and asks Liz if she likes it. Touching it with his hand, he makes it light up. Liz is momentarily touched but suddenly, the camera crew storms into her room. Kyle, on the verge of a struggle with the blind date, falls onto the bed with the blind date just in time for the crew to report it all live. They see Liz disappearing down the ladder of her balcony, leaving only the heart as a clue for who took her away.

Back at the library, Michael is building a little symbol on the ground prepared to light it into some sort of signaling device. Isabel looks on, reluctantly. She finally confesses to Michael that she's afraid he won't find what he's looking for, or that if he does, he won't need her and Max anymore. Michael stops what he's doing and gives her a hug, promising that he won't ever come to that before lighting to symbol he has created on the grounds of the library.

On the street, Liz tells Max to stop running. Max stops and asks Liz to run away with him. They can assume new identities and with each other, they'll be fine. Liz smiles and tells Max that he's only saying things like that b/c he's liquored up. Max looks at the streetlight near them, walks up to it and touches the post with his hand. Immediately the ordinary gaslight turns to this glimmering shower of lights casting about the two of them as he tries to explain that when he's with her, everything is magical. When it's not - Max walks to a car and touches it with his hand, sounding off the alarm with his powers. Liz urges him to not use his powers but Max ignores her and with another touch, he turns the car alarm into music. Charmed, Liz tells him that he doesn't know what he's saying. Max tells her that as a matter of fact, this is all that he's feeling, which until now, he hasn't been able to express. She smiles sadly and tells him they can never be 'normal' (relationship-wise). Max smiles and walks past a row of meter, touching all of them and setting off little fireworks with each touch. He turns to her at the end of the row and from across the dazzling fireworks he has just started, he asks her "who wants to be normal?" Liz looks at him not sure of what to say.

Back at the library, it looks as if no one came despite the signal, the fire having burned out, now leaving a mark on the ground. Isabel expresses her sympathy but Michael is crushed. With her powers, Isabel returns the burned ground to its former state before telling Michael that no matter what, she will always be there for him when he needs her. Michael nods and they walk off together to go home.

Back at the concert, Maria is engaging in some serious breathing exercise, nervous about her gig. Alex is slightly concerned by this bout of stage fright. On the streets outside, Liz is at a payphone trying to get a cab while she watches a still-drunk Max leaning against a pole nearby. Max sees the radio van coming and flags it down for Liz so they can get a ride back to the concert.

It is at the concert, fans are screaming and the announcer brings to the stage, Liz, her blind date, Kyle and Max (Kyle and Max are still drunk). The announcer asks Liz to pick which one is the one that will be her valentine. Her blind date makes a lame comment while Kyle just sort of left the stage b/c he needed to vomit. When it was Max's turn, he wrapped his arms around her in front of the cheering fans and kissed her. Throughout the kiss, they two experienced one of those moments when they see flashes of each other's soul and shared memories. Max sees thing pertaining to Liz (images of her as a child, her when she was with him in the jeep, before she went to look for River Dog, when they kiss) while Liz sees things pertaining to Max (the v-shaped constellation, the "map" in the cave, etc.). When the long kiss has ended, Max awakens from his drunkenness, realizes what he's done, is horrified, and jumps off the stage to leave after stumbling an apology out to a bewildered Liz. Liz immediately runs after him to try and see if he remembered any of the things he had told her earlier in the night - but he doesn't. All Max knows is that he has somehow ruined her date and apologizes before running out the exit in a state of confusion. Liz is left standing there, crushed. Maria, who was having a serious bout of stage fright sees Liz in this crisis, snaps out of her own stage frights and gets up to perform for the crowd in order to distract their attention for Liz. Liz remains standing where she is, an expression of sadness and loss on her face as she reflects on what happened in the past hours while Maria croons a sad love song from the 80's.

Meanwhile, back at the grounds of the library, a figure walks up to the spot where Michael burned his symbol and with a sweep of his hand, reignites the flame. Bending over the fire, he takes out a picture that has Max, Michael and Isabel walking down the street together (the three seems to be unaware that the picture was being taken) and puts it in the flame before walking away.


Episode Soundtrack

"IS ANYBODY HOME?" - Our Lady Peace
"TRUTH" - Joe 90
"ADAM'S SONG" - Blink 182
"24/7" - Kevon Edmonds
"STAND BY MY WOMAN" - Lenny Kravitz
"IN THE AIR TONIGHT" - Majandra Delfino

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